Located on the South Shore of Montreal, ATOMIX EXTERMINATION is your solution when it comes to the extermination of bed bugs.

Your point of contact to put an end to bed bugs

Bedbug infestation can lead to health and welfare problems (allergic reactions, pimples, itching, and so forth). Our company, ATOMIX EXTERMINATION, will send you our experts in bed bug extermination.At your request, we are also able to stop the proliferation of carpenter ants.We use only effective products and can exterminate all the bedbugs in your house. We are reactive and conscientious and we attach great importance to compliance with standards and cleanliness.We are able to intervene over a radius of 65 km around Longueuil.

« Total extermination of bed bugs»

  Extermination de punaise de lit   Montréal

Recognised expertise in pest extermination

Bedbugs are insects that feed on human blood when people sleep.They reproduce at an extremely high rate and can result in more or less serious consequences for the living conditions of the residents. It is important to know that the extermination of this type of insect requires the know-how of a specialist. ATOMIX EXTERMINATION is your primary solution and the quickest way to exterminate these animals. After our intervention, you’ll be able to get some good sleep.

« You can now get some sleep after our intervention »

Here’s 3 signs that can indicate the presence of bed bugs:

  • Blistering
  • Occurrence of itchy welts on the skin


  • Redness on the epidermis

For any intervention or request for information, we are at your entire disposal.

Opening hours

Everyday from 9am to 4pm.