Located in Saint-Hubert, our company ATOMIX EXTERMINATION is specialised in the extermination of carpenter ants.

Our company was created in 2005.

An efficient extermination method

All kinds of buildings may be subject to an infestation of carpenter ants.

These insects dig tunnels located in the wooden parts of the building, which can cause serious damage to the structures of your foundations.

ATOMIX EXTERMINATION is a carpenter ants extermination company operating in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

We are able to intervene over a radius of 65 km around Longueuil.

We only use effective products and we can work on your doors, windows, chimneys, and so forth. We are versatile and can also exterminate the small rodents that invade your house.

« We are able to exterminate all the carpenter ants invading your house »

 Extermination de fourmis charpentière   Montréal

Carpenter ant infestation, a serious threat

It is important for you to know that these hymenoptera do not feed on wood, but they create tunnels that they use as shelter. The first sign of an infestation of this type of insect is the presence of wood flour.

ATOMIX EXTERMINATION has all the necessary material and human means to carry out quick and reliable extermination. We address the demands of residents living in the South shore of Montreal, specifically in Châteauguay. As soon as we get to your place, we rapidly identify the extent of the damage and start the extermination of carpenter ants with thoroughness and resolve.

« We provide you with the best solutions to put an end to carpenter ants »

The characteristics of the carpenter ants:

  • The most common colour is black
  • Males are approximately 3 mm long and queens are 25 mm
  • Very large head

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