Located on the South shore of Montreal, ATOMIX EXTERMINATION takes care of rodent extermination in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

For a healthier and more enjoyable environment

Besides damaging the general structure of your house or building, rodents can also carry diseases (plague, leptospirosis, taeniasis, and so on).ATOMIX EXTERMINATION also specialises in rodent extermination and it is renowned for its professionalism and dynamism.We are able to exterminate several types of rodents, such as mice and rats.Our objective is to provide you with a place where no vermin can enter.We are able to intervene over a radius of 65 km around Longueuil.

« Our experts in rodent extermination are at your entire disposal »

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Our professionals in rodent extermination are here to assist you

Rodents cling to the electric cables and wires of your house or building.These nuisance animals are the main cause of malodour and damage (cracks, holes) and can cause short circuits.Don’t hesitate to trust our company, you’ll enjoy fast and effective intervention! We do our job with discretion.We are professional and experienced and we are also able to exterminate small nuisance animals (cockroaches, fleas, carpenter ants, etc.).

« We clear your residential, commercial or industrial building from any kind of rodent »

Locations where rodents can be found:

  • Kitchen
  • Meat safe
  • Cupboard
  • Storage

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Everyday from 9am to 4pm.